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Regional Supervisor: David Brown


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Piedmont Officials


We need EVERY and ALL officials to do this no matter if it is Middle School/ JV / Varsity....we must set the tone early with this and later on in the season it will not be a factor to worry about.  However that will only be the case if each and everyone of us tell the coaches the same thing.


Best Practice for Coaches Meeting


Coaches Meeting ( both or all three officials)  Can meet with both coaches at the same time just ask each coach to step up to mid court area with you.

Each Official introduce yourself.

Ask each coach individually if there team is legally and properly equipped.  Let each coach respond with a Yes or No

Ask each coach if they understand the NEW drawstring rule.  If either coach says NO please explain it to them in the following manner

The first offense will be a team warning,(escort offending player to the bench and tell coach you need a sub for that player)  ( please make sure to record the warning in the score book when issued just like a coaches warning) then any player that violates the rule will be assessed a technical foul. We need ALL officials to do this no matter if it is Middle School/ JV / Varsity....we must set the tone early with this and later on in the season it will not be a factor to worry about.  However that will only be the case if each and everyone of us tell the coaches the same thing.

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Piedmont Officials



At some point in your officiating progression, you need to decide 'who you are."  Some of you have progressed to officiate regionals and state championships and college schedules. You should ask yourself, “Will I lead? Will I mentor?  Will I set the example?” .....Ask yourself 

"Who Are You"


Some of you have the pedigree above in you and need to ask yourselves: “What am I doing to get there? What's my commitment level? Do I fully understand what it takes to be great?  Have I sought out a mentor?  Am I one of the officials which the supervisor can count on? ..... Ask yourself

"Who Are You"


Some of you only want to work games; make some gas money; get out of the house; get some exercise.  Ask yourselves: “Am I professionally punctual?  Do I get to games on time?  Do I have pregame?  Do I swallow the whistle to get the game over faster?  Are our student athletes my least concern?”  ....  Ask yourself

"Who Are You" 




Welcome to the 2019-2020 season!  Please check the Piedmont Officials Association (refconnect.com) website often and early.  Know our procedures, know our leaders, and know your responsibilities. Know where you can take advantage of our training opportunities.


You deserve a chance to succeed, our schools deserve it, our association deserves it and most importantly our student athletes deserve it.

Memorandum – September 16, 2019

To:  MVAC Principals, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Officials

From:  Marc Payne, Commissioner

Ref:  Playing Rules for JV Basketball (2019-20)


On August 8, 2019 the Mountain Valley 1A/2A Athletic Conference Board of Control passed the following procedures for playing JV basketball games:

  1. JV Girls game will begin at 4:00pm.

  2. JV Games will be seven minute quarters.

  3. There will be one minute between the first and second quarter and one minute between the third and fourth quarter in both JV games.

  4. There will be a seven minute halftime in both games.

  5. There will be seven minutes between the JV girls game and the JV boys game.

  6. Clock operators are requested to time all time outs, time between quarters, and time between games.

  7. Overtime procedures are as follows:

       First OT – 3 minutes

       Second OT – 1 minute

       Third OT – Sudden Death (first score of any kind wins)


These procedures were shared with the NCHSAA and approved with one adjustment in time. Halftime was returned to seven minutes.


As we navigate through getting new officials registered and ready to go, I want to remind you of things you need to do to stay eligible for officiatings


Below are things you need to do and know. Directions are plain and self explanatory.

Tammy is available to help if needed 


Register with the State

Register with the Piedmont

Attend training sessions

Take concussion course

( If you have taken the test for another sport in the 2019-2020 season you are good.)

Take and pass the test


 You will find (below & attached) the Instructions & Links for your Officials to go in to take their ‘free’ - online ‘Concussion in Sports’ course.

  1. “CONCUSSION in SPORTS” online course:

       Below you will find the link that will take you straight to the NFHSLearn.com website:

       Click here to complete your ‘Concussion in Sports’ online course.


 Attached, you will also find the Instructions for getting into the Concussion course site and navigating their way through the online course.

   2. Monitoring your Officials in regards to viewing their completion of the Concussion course:

    The ‘Monitor Eligibility’ screen is where the Regional Supervisor would see the date (or lack of date) that an official had completed their


     (It's a few more clicks than I'd like, but it works!) 


     Click the Officials Name, then check the ‘Show All Eligibility’ box, then click the Sport Eligibility the official is trying to achieve. 


     If this official had completed the course it would have shown a date here.


Also, …I have posted below the instructions & You Tube illustration from Arbiter on how to mass update your group of Officials, if you should have any that are not showing that they completed their concussion course, but can provide you with their completed certificate beginning May 6th.


TO: Regional Supervisors – FROM: ArbiterSports:

We’ve recently released the ability for you to grant your Official’s credit (when they present you with a certificate) for having completed the NFHS ‘Concussion in Sports’ course, - for instance, where the official may have taken the course using a different email than they use in Arbiter, and therefore weren’t given credit automatically.

We’ve put together this short video to walk you through the process of giving credit for that requirement.



        *Your Basketball & Wrestling Testing is scheduled for: October 14th-28th, 2019. 

        *See Attachment – of the NFHS Testing Instructions:

        The official will need to go in and Log into his/her Arbiter/NCHSAA Account - go to Central Hub - then they will just need to click on

        the ‘Testing’ Tab.  (As you will notice Arbiter has not even put-up any of the ‘Pending Tests’ as of yet.)


        When it is actually during the Testing time-frame, - the Exams will be posted under “Open Tests.”


  • Log onto NCHSAA Arbiter Central Hub: http://nchsaa.arbitersports.com/front/106322/Test

  • Available exams will be listed under “OPEN TESTS”

  • Select the appropriate exam Click “TAKE TESTS”

  • You will see the Welcome message and be given Instructions to take the exam.

  • You may stop & start the exam as you need, & you will notice the screen on the dashboard appear as such: “CONTINUE.”




  • After the exam, you will get instructions about “REVIEWING YOUR TEST,” -  followed by a confirmation email.


        FYI… -   For your assistance, - I have provided the following links if you should need to cut and paste and send to any of your officials.

        All officials must register and complete the Pre-Season Requirements for eligibility to work NCHSAA assignments.


Requirements are as follows:

       * Requirements for Eligibility Once Registered:  

  • Background Check

  • Local Clinics Attendance

  • Local Association Meeting Attendance

  • Scrimmages

  • 75 + Regular Season Eligible

  • 80 + Post-Season Eligible 


       NCHSAA website: https://www.nchsaa.org


   Once you have gotten into our NCHSAA website hover over ‘Officials’ (in the blue banner at the top), and then drag/scroll down    

   to ‘Clinics’ - and then choose which Local &/or State Clinics (choose your Sport) - and it will show you the dates, venues, 

   times and contact person. 

This is just a friendly reminder that it is REQUIRED that you attend a 2019-2020 NCHSAA State Basketball Rules Clinic.


FYI… -   Your Basketball Testing is scheduled for: October 14th-28th, 2019. 

(Remember you can enter and exit this online testing site as many times as you like; however, you can only “SUBMIT” your test ONE TIME. 

Do NOT hit ‘Submit’ until you are completely finished with your exam.)


Below you will find a list of all the  State Rules Clinics that are being held across the state. 

(As most of you already know, all the State Clinics are also posted on our NCHSAA.org  website, under ‘Officials’ tab, then click on ‘Clinics,’ then click on ‘Basketball.’   -  Any updates will be posted on our website if we should encounter any changes throughout the month of October.)


 If you should have any further questions in regards to your Local Clinics, Local Meetings, Scrimmages, Assignments, etc… - you should contact your Regional Supervisor.   Thank you!




  • Oct. 2, 2019 (Wed.) - @ West Forsyth HS., Clemmons, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Triad Assoc. - Kip Johnson.

  • Oct. 7, 2019 (Mon.) - @ Jerry Sutton Public Safety Bldg., Franklin, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Southwestern Assoc. - Todd Mason.

  • Oct. 8, 2019 (Tues.) - @ Erwin HS., Asheville, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - WNC Assoc. - Dan Breneman.

  • Oct. 9, 2019 (Wed.) - @ Maiden HS, Maiden, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Piedmont Assoc. - David Brown.

  • Oct. 14, 2019 (Mon.) - @ South View HS, Hope Mills, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Southeastern Assoc. - Errol Daniels.

  • Oct. 15, 2019 (Tues.) - @ East Duplin HS., Beulaville, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Eastern Assoc. - Roy Turner.

  • Oct. 16, 2019 (Wed.) - @ South Central HS., Winterville, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Northeast Assoc. - Taylor August.

  • Oct. 21, 2019 (Mon.) - @ Hough HS., Charlotte, NC. - @ 6:30 pm - Metrolina Assoc. - Nate Walker.

  • Oct. 22, 2019 (Tues.) - @ Cardinal Gibbons, Raleigh, NC. - @ 6:30 pm -Triangle Assoc. - James Peyton.


Thank you again for your service to our young high school student-athletes, our schools and our communities.  We appreciate you and your willingness to act as positive role models for our young athletes.  Thank You again!


Have a TERRIFIC Winter Sport Season ahead!

What are they doing now?

Bobby Lineberger 

Three good officials, three great men.



Piedmont Officials please join me in congratulating the officials on the list. They will be representing us in the 2018-19 regional and state finals. We have worked hard as an association to prepare our officials for this moment, these selections are difficult and painstaking, however I know we will support those selected and continue making these selections hard on the committee. 

The piedmont policy is for the state officiating crew to sit out the following post season, the list yesterday had an oversight on it and I take full responsibility for the oversight and correction.



Click to download the presentation.


State Registration or Arbiter Issues - Contact Caitlin McMannen - caitlin@nchsaa.org

Piedmont  Arbiter Issues - Seth Keener - piedmontarbiter@gmail.com



Basketball Schedule Release Dates

  • Assignments through Jan31st will be completed by Jan 14th

  • Assignments through Feb 20th will be completed by Jan 31st

This does not include reschedules and game changes, arbiter should always be checked daily throughout the season.

Illegal ball. Report violations to Regional supervisor.

Go to equipment section of rule book. 



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