The instructions for application for the South Atlantic Conference Umpire program are inclosed in these instructions. To help clear up any misunderstanding concerning the new Carolinas Collegiate Group. The joining of our two non conference groups will . ll open up more Div 1 opportunities as well as Div 2 and JUCO locations for umpires in the Carolinas and surrounding states. You were sent an application to that group last week. 


Ted Miller is Supervisor for the SIAC and Gary and I supervise the SAC. For contractual reasons the conferences were not included in this collaboration, both conferences have policies and practice that stand alone. This includes the applications and other advantages to attending SAC training etc.


You were sent this application because we either value your contributions to the conference in  past years or think you would be a great fit to join, if you would lime to join our exciting conference please follow the instructions via the website or via the arbiter.


There are several payment options.

Use the button above to download Mail-In South Atlantic Registration Form.


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